Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This mornings CRP level was 3.2, getting closer. No fevers since Sunday, knock on wood. Today Cassie did some in-room Occupational Therapy "OT", we are hoping to get some Physical Therapy "PT" in tomorrow. Pictured above are our favorite Therapists, Lisa and Kristen. Below that is Nurse Dave, most of our improvements have come since Dave started working with us (he would have us point out). Doesn't he look like the actor from House? Dave is Hilarious and fun, after 26 days you just need to laugh. Looks like we are finally on the right road and we are hoping for continued progress.


  1. we loved Lisa soooo much. She really got Gage to smile when we didn't think it as possible. I'm so glad to see Cassie smiling and sitting up!!! That is awesome. I'm glad Nurse Dave is making things a little more light, you need that after needing to change your address to c/o primary children's hospital. I hope, hope, hope your christmas present is being able to go home. So glad to see her CRP (not sure what that is) level dropping to where it needs to be. much love,

  2. Ya for a new blog post! Thanks guys. Those pics of our little gal keep me going. Glad to see who you're working with up there and that they're taking good care of you. Keep on keepin' on. love you guys.

  3. laughter is the best medicine it is good to see you guys have some smiles. I can't imagine nurse Dave being funnier then Steve though... :)

    Hopefully you are on the downward slope from all of this. Finger crossed that her fever will stay down and she will continue to get better!