Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3rd Times a Charm

This afternoons procedure went well and Cassie is back in her room. For all of you keeping track at home, this was her 3rd surgery. As it turns out the liquid that was building up under her incision was spinal fluid, that's the good news because it wasn't nasty infected fluid... The bad news is spinal fluid isn't supposed to be there, the fix is a bit more complicated.

First, they sutured the Dura closed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dura_mater), which they've done before. This time they will try to reduce the spinal fluid pressure so that it isn't constantly flowing out the ruptured area. A drain at the base of her spine was placed so that over the next 5 days, as she lies on her back, they can drain out 5-10 cc's of fluid per hour. YES, I said 5 days on her back in bed, crappy! The amount they'll drain is the same amount that her body is producing. The plan is that the compromised area will then have a chance to heal without being constantly forced open from the pressure of the escaping fluid.


  1. glad that they might finally be on top of it this time. Just wanted you to know we put her name on the prayer roll at St.G again tonight. Love you guys!

  2. Oh dear, bless all your hearts! On her back for FIVE days?? Really?? How do you do that with a 2 year old?? "Crappy" seems like a pretty nice word. I'm glad to hear the surgery went well and I hope the docs are getting this all figured out. Sometimes it just seems like a "crap shoot". BTW, we, too, added her name to the prayer roll in St. George last night. She's a star down here!

  3. Allison,
    this news is bitter sweet for you I'm sure. Was surgery #2 unnecessary? I'm so glad to have your blog to keep up. I'm praying for Cassy and YOU!! I hate that she had to have another surgery but she is so brave. It's quite amazing how brave and strong they are....much more than we are. I am thinking about you always and love that sweet girl of yours. Be in touch. much love (and gratitude).