Monday, December 19, 2011

A New Day

Cassie seems to be coming out of the fight. She just opened her eyes for us, first time in 2 days, and I about cried. The swelling has gone down so much. She ate a pancake, is talking, and watching Bug's Life. This morning's CRP is at 11.5, down from 17.7 yesterday, and 28.2 (highest it has ever been) from Saturday. It is dropping like a rock, and we are so glad. She seems to do so well on Sundays, and I think it has to do with all the prayers that are given for her that day. They expect they can move her back to the floor today and out of PICU.

The central PICC line procedure went well yesterday and the stitches from the spinal cord incision were removed during the sedation. That area looks "great" according to the Nuero-surgeon.


  1. What a champ. When Ammon finally opened his eyes after the 3rd or so surgery, all he said was, "get me the hell outta here." I think this may be that same look.... Bless their hearts for being tougher than we are. Here's to hoping next year is the year of health for everyone. Can't wait to see the little darling, we've been waiting all week.

  2. Oh sweet little angel! I'm so glad to hear of her progress. She has been through the ringer, that's for sure. I hope and pray every day for a speedy and full recovery!!! I miss you all. Stay strong Ali and Steve, you are amazing!! Love you.

  3. That little sad look on her face is heart-breaking. I want to come give her a big squeeze and tell her everything is going to be okay.

    I am so glad things are progressing well. Let's hope those miracles of Sundays continue all week!


  4. I don't know when I've been so heartsick. I'm so sad that Cassie is having to endure so much in her little life (not to mention all that her parents have been through too). I continue to feel hopeful that the doctors will finally figure this all out and that she will be home soon.

    She looks like a little prize-fighter in this picture and I guess that's exactly what she is!! I hope she continues to fight and makes a full recovery very soon. Our prayers continue in her behalf. May the Lord bless you all as you continue on this journey.

  5. Her little face is heartbreaking. I"m glad things are progressing well and those levels keep coming down. I love the comparison to her arm and Nemo's fin - made me cry!!!!! Remember that whenever it pours, nothing lives, nothing grows till it storms. xoxoxoxoxo