Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Therapy Complete!

Our rehabilitation days are over!  Goodbye to Shauna and Sunel!  We will/have missed you and so appreciate all the hours you came and spent helping Cassidy in her recovery.

These ladies are amazing and truly became our friends- they were masters at improv depending on Cassie's mood, and have done their part to leave us with a happy, healthy, and active little person.

Her neck strength seems to be normal now.  I don't think that anyone who doesn't know her history would notice anything different about the way she carries herself.

Her left arm is virtually as strong as the right and any deficiency wouldn't be noticed by anyone but possibly an occupational therapist.  She uses her left hand for all kinds of fine motor skills.  I cannot believe that at one point she couldn't even move it.  She has surprised us all with the extent of her recovery.  When we brought her home from the hospital she had lost so much muscle mass she couldn't walk and could hardly hold her head up. We had no idea what kind of capabilities she would get back.  Now she runs and dances and bounces enough to make me wish she lived in a padded world.

In fact she did spend last Friday at the hospital for a few hours.  She gave us quite the scare when she fell off the barstool while eating pancakes.  It was so random.  She was irritable and whiney for quite a while and I was uneasy about how she was acting.  I called Dr. Blackburn's office and they said to bring her in.  After a thorough exam they decided on a CT scan just to make sure there was no damage to her head or neck.  They even suggested she might spend the day/night there for observation- that really freaked me out!  Thankfully everything looked great on the scan so we came home- PHEW.  She may have had a mild concussion but was her whirl-wind self by afternoon.  This girl and her head!  We have invested enough love, stress, energy, surgeries, and money to want to make sure this head stays sound!