Friday, December 23, 2011

I'll be Home for Christmas!

In case you were wondering, 36 days of "stuff" will all fit in a little red wagon, well almost. We have made it home and it is wonderful to be here. We've set-up our best imitation of a hospital bed in the family room and she seems pleased as a lark.

We still have to give 3-5 weeks of antibiotics through her PICC line which she receives every 6 hours. An hour before the first home dose was due we still hadn't heard from In-home Health. When I called they didn't have her in the system, Classic! After speaking to the pharmacist the only way she would get her dose on time would be to drive her to 21st South, pick it up and infuse on our way back. Of course that is what we did, what a ride this has been.

Our dream to be together for Christmas seems to be becoming a reality, and it's almost hard to believe. Thank you for your prayers and love. Thank you for all of you who haven't given up on us, who have been praying round the clock for us. To those angels who are leaving gifts on our porch, secretly cleaning our house, tending our children, keeping our dog alive, bringing us food, and sending words of encouragement and love, you are amazing. We are simply overwhelmed with the goodness of you all. Merry Christmas!


  1. wahoo! you made it. love her little set up.
    gpa was here earlier and we were looking at the blog...he pointed to a photo and asked lucy who it was...she yelled, "NEMO!" 36 days is a super long time to go without seeing your favorite cousin. the girls are asking to go see her. we'll be over when the time is right. ps matt and annie will come pick up gus around 1:30 tomorrow for his day at the spa ;)

  2. She truly is a Christmas miracle. I am so happy for all of you! Sending so much love. It will be a very Merry Christmas!

  3. YAY!!! I'm in grateful you made it home for Christmas!! I'm so happy for all of you. You made it, Cassie did it. She is a rockstar!

  4. This is the ultimate Christmas gift! And nothing short of a miracle! We are so happy that she is home for this holiday and we wish her a continues successful recovery! Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Steve, Marci Christensen and family

  5. We are so glad that she is able to come home for Christmas. We pray that she will continue to get better. Thank you for posting your journey. We have been praying for your sweet Cassidy.
    Tyler and Trish Lay

  6. The best Christmas gift ever!! Great job Cassie, keep up the good work!

  7. I'm a co-worker of Teri Gibson and she told me about your sweet girl and gave me your blog address. I've been checking it periodically over the last month. I am so happy that your little one is home for Christmas. What a blessing.

    Your blog shows great courage, strength and faith. What a difficult road this has been.

    Blessings to you and your family and may the coming year bring nothing but good news and happiness.

    Cynthia Griffin