Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brain Surgery

As you all know, we have been hunting for an explaination as to why her CRP levels have not gone down faster, and why we are still dealing with fevers. Last night she spiked a fever of 102 and this morning her labs showed the CRP level actually went up. The CRP level is her body's way of telling us there is still a problem. Ali asked them to do an MRI this morning and they thought that may be a good idea just to rule out any lingering questions. The MRI found the problem... Subdural Abscess/ Fluid Collection. Basically the infection is trapped near her brain and needs to be removed.

The "Cockroach" infection has run and found a place to wall it's self off and hide, typical of this type of Staph. The place it chose is a scary one, above the right frontal lob of her brain. At this point we would expect nothing less than scary or unusal. We think they were surprised to see this surface but that it also answers a lot of questions as to why she just can't seem to get better. They keep telling us her case is really very rare and this infection- and the complications resulting are also rare, but they are confident in the need for the surgery and tell us the outcome should make a huge difference in her recovery. The solution is a 2-3 hr. surgery that Dr. Riva-Cambrin and team will perform this afternoon around 5:00pm.

Sorry to keep asking, but we know it works - Please Pray for Cassie this afternoon.

If you compare the two sides of the images above, looking above the arrows on the screen, you can see the abscess.


  1. Prayers, prayers, prayers....... Oh how I wish I could take this away for all of you. I pray this is the last "glitch" in her recovery.

  2. Of course you are continually in our daily prayers! We love you Cassie!