Thursday, November 1, 2012

October MRI

It's been six months, so that meant time for another MRI.  It has been a relatively peaceful last few months as far as Cassie's health is concerned.  We are so happy to have such a spunky little lady and look at her as our miracle girl every single day.

This MRI found a speck of the tumor furtherest away from the brainstem- her doctors are not concerned about it, but are planning to keep an eye on that area.  I know this contradicts a bit what we were told six months ago about the tumor being "virtually undetectable," but they had gone back to the April MRI and found that the same speck was there, just not as visible.  It appears not to have changed in size.  If any tumor did have to remain that is the best place possible to have it- south of the brainstem.  As long as it doesn't grow, it shouldn't cause her any trouble.

We did get cool news about her spine itself.  If you will recall, due to the staph infection, she lost the top portion of the vertebrae (surgery #2) that had originally been grafted back after the tumor resection (surgery #1).  So she was left with "horseshoe" shaped vertebrae in that area.  Incredibly, because she is so young, they seem to be growing that not amazing?!  They show up like cute little stumps trying to reach each other, and will probably continue to slowly grow.

I remember Dr. Riva-Cambrin said this was the kind of best case scenario we were all hoping for.

Before MRI- done at Riverton campus.

Dr. Riva-Cambrin at main SL campus.

We re-visited one of our favorite look outs from the hospital.