Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 weeks ago...

Where do we start... Cassie has been in really good spirits and we are seeing her fun personality more and more. She will finally let Dad tickle her and is more friendly with the nurses. They have started to let her scan her own ankle band when she is receiving meds., which she loves. (Video above)

Yesterday the Infectious Disease team came in and said that they thought that Cassie had been on the heavy I.V. antibiotics long enough that perhaps we could switch to an Oral antibiotic. This prospect would allow her not to have to come home with a PICC line. We were very excited about the possibility and switched her over around noon on Wednesday. Unfortunately, that was a bad move as here fevers returned last night and this mornings CRP level had increased to 5. Ahhh!

That reaction was so unexpected that the doctors have decided to move forward with the MRI they'd been holding off on, she is down stairs right now being scanned.

We have been in denial that Christmas is getting so close. Admittedly, we haven't gotten into the spirit yet this year. The sweet Activity Days girls & their leaders from the ward sent over this tree and some cards. THANK YOU! What a fun distraction, we've even started playing some Christmas music in the room. We sure hope we are home for Christmas...

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