Sunday, December 11, 2011

4th Sunday

Well it looks like the Primary Children's Hospital Branch will be requesting that we transfer our membership records after attending 4 Sundays. The upside is we might get out of our callings... :-) And Josie says she likes it because "it's a lot faster then our other church"- it's 30 minutes. The weekends are a bit more fun with the kids getting a chance to hang out with their sister. We love the peer pressure that causes Cassie to eat better when they are around.

The lumbar drain was removed this morning due to leakage from being clamped. We are taking that as a good sign that it did its job and wasn't leaking out of the incision site. Also, her CRP level dropped another point to 4.1, just need it to get to 2 or less. She is still fevering and isn't really happy. More testing scheduled for tomorrow morning, first an ultrasound and then x-rays of her left shoulder. We are wondering if there is another reason why she is have so much trouble moving that arm. That is the only place she is consistently fussy about, and they tell us staph moves- maybe it has moved there. Today we agreed to have them take her off 2 of the 3 antibiotics, which over the next couple days will show if they've got it. If her levels go back up, they'll know to switch tracks.


  1. OH MY HECK, OH MY HECK, OH MY HECK!!!!!!!! I just read every word of this blog. My heart is breaking for you and your family right now because of that stupid 'unknown' cause of infection. You guys are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. Wish we lived closer. I'm sure you guys are being well taken care of. Give that little girl a big fat kiss from all of us down here in Tucson. XOXOXXOXOX

  2. Ali, That is a darling picture of you and the kids, I'm just sorry that it was taken in the hospital. I can't believe that you have been there for FOUR Sundays!!! I'll bet sweet Cassie is so confused about what's going on (I even feel confused). I hope the doctors get to the bottom of this SOON...hopefully TODAY!!

  3. We were up there today & I wanted to come visit but didn't want to bring any more germs as Gage has the flu. I am so incredibly frustrated for you and poor Cassie. AHHH! Seriously, hopefully today they get to the bottom of all of this. How is it that she has a mystery fever?? We are praying for you. I wish I could be as brave as Cassie!
    Much love,