Monday, November 21, 2011

She moved her left finger!!!!

Late last night with Grandparents & Aunts watching, we saw Cassie move her left index finger in her sleep. This is me calling Steve (who had taken the kids home to be in their own beds) to share the good news. We've been cautiously optimistic awaiting a professional assessment. This morning Dr. Riva-Cambrin came in and while holding Cassie's right arm down, he asked her to punch him in the nose. She slightly lifted her left shoulder and wiggled her finger. He turned to me and said "that makes me want to cry... best news of the week." Tears of joy ever since! We know that the fasts and prayers of yesterday have been answered. We started physical therapy this morning.


  1. This just made me start crying (again) at work! This is the best news!! Yay, Cassie. Keep it up, sweet girl. Thank you for these regular updates and photos. Keep those spirits high. Lots of love to all of you!

  2. Oh Al, that just totally made my day. Miracles are happening as we speak! I know that the hand of our Heavenly Father is in all things, he must really love this precious little girl. Keep up the hard work Cassie girl, we are all rooting for you and a speedy recovery! Love you lots Allen Family!


  3. Ali, I'm crying as I write this. The BEST NEWS EVER!! I'm so happy for you all! I felt very hopeful about her left arm especially after our experience with Jim's face following a very difficult surgery. The left side of his face wouldn't move at all. His eye wouldn't close, etc. That was in March and now you would never know anything was ever wrong. His progress was a little slow but after just a couple of months he was just fine. I know everyone is different but Cassie is young and she has everything on her side, especially all the love and prayers of your friends and family. Miracles happen everyday, we've had several and I think we're witnessing one in your family RIGHT NOW!! We're so happy for you all!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful post! That of course brings tears to my eyes as well. She is an absolute trooper. We are thinking of you and praying for our girl every chance we get. Hang in there today Ali and Steve. Love you!!

  5. Thinking of your family. Thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find comfort and peace at this time. What a sweet and courageous girl you have!!

    Hathaway Family

  6. Yea!!!!!
    The Lord is so kind!!!!!!
    Keep crying!
    (Going to get my tissue now.) (O;
    Great Auntie M

  7. I had a hard time reading the blog through my tears. So happy about her progress and the skilled surgeons and all of the prayers offered in Cassie's behalf. It is helping so much. Please keep up the prayers.

    Grampa Sandberg

  8. Dearest Steve and Allison....we are SO happy to hear of this amazing miracle of beautiful baby Cassie. Tears are flowing for me as well as I look at these sweet pics. and think about the amazing power of prayer and fasting. Our family prays for you every morning and night and what a blessing it was to watch Sydney fast for you on Friday. We pray that you will continue to feel the love and peace of our Father in Heaven as Cassie continues to heal. We love you!

    Alicia Koos and Family

  9. I'm sitting here crying too. So glad to hear that news. And so glad you're keeping us updated this way so you don't to field so many calls and questions. Love you guys.

  10. Wonderful news!! What a sweet little girl.