Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

Results of the infection came back as a type of Staph. Luckily it is not the kind that is resistant to antibiotics, and she has started 4-6 weeks of I.V. antibiotics. The good news is that we shouldn't have to stay in the hospital that long, as she can go home with the PICC line and continue the meds. So we are giving her a couple days to rest up and then we will start physical therapy again. She actually was talkative and ate and drank better today then she has been the whole time. It is believed that she has had this infection from day one after surgery and that is to blame for her irritability. It has been difficult to deal with a toddler who can't tell you exactly how she feels. It's upsetting that it took so long for us to catch on. She never manifested any real symptoms like fever or strange vitals so again she is a rare case. We are tired of being unique.


  1. My heart is so heavy for the trials that your family have been going through. Every day I check the computer a couple of times a day for an update. We pray that you are finally on the way to recovery. We send our concern,love and prayers for a speedy recovery. Thanks for the blog, to keep us updated. Love you all....Aunt JoAnn

  2. We are so glad that Cassie is talking and doing better. It killed me to see her so sad. That is so unlike her. She is a champ in every way! Such a strong little spirit, and we love her so! Can't wait to kiss her and see her bright eyes. Thanks to Steve for his sharp watch in the middle of the night. And thanks to Ali for her diligent care. You guys are the best!!! We love you,

  3. Oh man, you guys are absolute troopers. It's so hard to see Cassie in such a miserable and delicate state. You are all being so amazing. I'm so glad she is eating and drinking better, hopefully that will brighten her up a bit and give her the strength she needs to get back to physical therapy. You know I'm always here when needed. Love you guys!

  4. We are praying for you! love you, Liz

  5. i was so happy to hear her little voice on sunday, even though it was only a few words and see her eat and drink so well. we miss her so much around here. lucy is just a fly in the ointment during annie and Josie's playtime...we need Cassie back to even things out.
    we think about you guys all day, every day. we're now following Josie's lead in our prayers, "bless that Cassie will be brave."
    cannot WAIT to have her home, when the time is right. I weep every time i think of the words, "i'll be home for Christmas." it has such real meaning this year.
    aunt "bal" (as cass says)