Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Sweet Medical Mystery

What a roller coaster! We had a great day yesterday and then last night she had inconsolable pain. We had to start back on the heavy narcotics that we had been trying to get her off.

They are running all kinds of tests to try and figure out what is wrong, bottom line they don't know. Blood tests, Cultures, Urine analysis, watching the incision like a hawk... What we do know if that her white blood cells are spiking and so her body is fighting something.

Momma Bear is sure that she needs to have another wash out surgery, mother's intuition. All the "professionals" are unsure and don't want to got there yet. We should know who's right tonight.


  1. Be the mother bear. Doctors mean well but nothing beats mama knowing best. Nobody wants her to succeed and heal more than you do. Keeping the prayers coming for your strength and answers.

  2. You haven't been wrong yet Ali, so be outspoken. Love you guys.