Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cassidy Saturday Mid-Day Update

Cassidy underwent a complicated surgery for 7 hours yesterday as we discovered after an MRI on Thursday that she had a tumor on her Brain stem and spine. The doctors went in at 10:00am Friday morning, first removing the back of vertebrae 1-6, and then worked under microscope to remove the tumor. They believe they were able to remove 70% of the tumor but could not remove anymore as it was very deep and intertwined with the spinal cord. Going after more might compromise her breathing among other things.

Initial results are that the tumor is low grade (good sign that it might be benign). We should have full pathology results on Wednesday. The only complication from the surgery was that her left side is weak. She has not moved her left arm since surgery. We need her to move her arm!!!

Of the thousand ways this could have gone, there are only a half dozen ways it could have gone better. We are extremely grateful to our Heavenly Father and have felt the overwhelming support from Family, Friends, Ward, Work, Hospital staff, etc. THANK YOU for your prayers and Fasts!

Please continue to pray for her recovery. We will try and add some of the history as we have time. If this gets wordy sorry, we are trying to use this to document this experience.

We are at Primary Children's hospital in PICU...


  1. So sorry you have to go through this, what a scary thing. Prayers and hugs with all of you.

  2. Still praying for your family and Cassidy. Do you need help with kids? Thank you for the update..... my heart has been hurting for you and your family.