Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breathing Easier After Pathology Results

Our doctor just came in with the pathology results from Johns Hopkins. The tumor was a ganglioglioma brain tumor, which is considered a very low-grade tumor. UCLA's Neurosurgical Department's website says this about ganglioglioma:

More than 95 percent of gangliogliomas are low grade and usually do not recur after removal.

We are feeling extremely blessed to have received this news as it closes the doors to some scary paths we did not want to have to go down.

One other piece of good news we got today: The team feels like it will help Cassie to have some time with her siblings, so JoJo got to come up this afternoon to go to physical therapy with her.


  1. HUGE sigh of relief!! You must all be feeling so much lighter after this news arrived. I am so happy for all of you. And thrilled that the other kids are finally getting to see Cassie in person. That will definitely lift her spirits. Also, are you guys in need of some more movies? I'd be happy to drop some off.


  2. Great news! Another miracle! I'm sure this will be the Happiest of Thanksgivings for your family.

  3. I cried when I heard the news! So happy! And to see Josie up there helping is so wonderful! These people know what they are doing and we just have to be patient--not easy for any of us! I'm so proud of you and Steve and how you have pulled together to meet the demands of this challenge. We all love you and everyone I run into says they are praying for us. Of all the Thanksgivings I can think of--this one will be the most remembered and appreciated. Thanks truly be to God. I love you, MOM

  4. Great news! I have been hoping for this kind of news for you all day. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Such great news today. I'm so happy jojo could help today. She makes everything better. A unique Thanksgiving for all of us but a happy one for sure. See you in a few days. Love you guys.

  6. That is so wonderful to hear. I have thought about you often since I heard the news, and have prayed for Cassie and your entire family. I'm so glad that you received some good news today, and it looks like she is on the road to recovery. Funny enough, I heard a Gloria Estefan song on the radio tonight which brought memories to the surface - hours of lip syncing to Gloria!:) - and tears to my eyes thinking of the trial your family is having to endure right now. Hang in there! <3