Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good News/Bad News

The good news is that Friday's appointment with our neurologist, Dr. Francis Filloux went very well. Cassidy's EEG looks as it should following a craniotomy. Her brainwaves are all moving in their expected patterns. He said that recurrence of a seizure would be highly unlikely but not impossible. He told us from his standpoint he expects her to make a full recovery, and suggested weaning her off the Keppra medication over the next 2 weeks. YEAH!!!

The bad news- her C Diff has come back! Early last week she was showing symptoms again. We had quit the antibiotic on Friday and by Tuesday I was on high alert. As I stewed about it Wednesday morning trying to decide what to do and which doctor to call, I received a call from our Infectious Disease doc at Primarys- Dr. Anne Blaschke. She was just calling to check on Cassie. It was 100% providential. She has been amazing and has really been there for us. We know she really cares and is invested in Cassie's recovery. I told her what I thought and she called in orders for another stool sample and a prescription. Apparently in 30% of cases it will recur 3 to 10 days after stopping the antibiotic. So we fell right into that category and lab results confirmed. Same drug but larger quantity this time around. Still every 6 hours. Here we go another 14 days- from Wednesday.

It seems to have kicked in finally and her diapers aren't as tragic and quite as frequent. For a few days she was inconsolable every hour or so as she was cramping and basically had battery acid-type stool eating away at her skin, no matter how fast we changed her. This is really not an infection to be wished upon one's worst enemy. Thankfully she is eating ok again and we are trying to get her to rest as much as possible. She was given a blessing and we are very hopeful that this round of drugs will do it for her. GO CASSIE!!!


  1. That poor girl...and poor mom!!! Praying for you!!! You should take up diet helps on my bad days!? ;) Love ya!!!

  2. What can you do? You have to keep trying and take the bad with the good. She is our little miracle, that's for sure. Our own personal reminder that God is there and with us always. I love you and am so proud of you.

  3. How is the spunky patient doing?