Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Diary,

I am tired of being sick!

Love, Cassidy

Enquiring minds want to know how Cassie is doing lately (and bless you for still caring!) I'd love to report that we are back to living happily ever after, but we aren't quite there yet. For the most part things are good. She has had a great week, but we are fearful that the C Diff might not be completely kicked. I took a stool sample in today to have it tested. Maybe I'm just so used to her being sick that I can't believe she's really better, or maybe she really isn't better yet. I guess we will know by tomorrow morning. If it's back we'll be putting her on a Vancomycin taper. BOOO. If it's gone we'll have a party!!!!

We have chosen a new pediatrician and we are so thrilled with him. Dr. Marcus Blackburn is our man. He came at the recommendation of our ID docs because he did residency with them a few years back. We are very impressed with him and love the balance he seems to have between medical competency, compassion, and humor. He doesn't seem at all stressed about the complexity of her case and had even read her "novel" of notes from the hospital before meeting her for the first time last week. He has called to check on her a couple times already-I am in love!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about Little Cassie lately and have wondered how's she's doing. I hope the C Diff test is negative and we'll have a party down here in SG (I'm always up for a party)! If not, Vancomycin saved Jim's life a few years ago and I LOVE that stuff! I'm especially happy to hear about your new Doc! There's nothing that can bring more peace than having confidence in your doctor and knowing that he will take care of what "ails" you. Well Cassie looks darling and very happy and I'm sure happy about that!!!