Friday, February 3, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

RARRRRR. Cassie has had flu-like symptoms the last couple days, and lab results have confirmed that she has C-diff. (Or Clostridium Difficile). It's a yucky bacterial infection in the intestines. It can surface during or after extended antibiotic treatment, because the good bacteria was killed along with the bad, and now C-diff has taken over. It's so gross. The poor thing has been throwing up and has big time diarrhea. For a while yesterday she would wretch and poop at the same time. I didn't know which end it was coming from. It saddens me/angers me to have a sick baby still. I want this to pass quickly. I am feeling a little bit bitter to be honest, but glad we caught it and are on antibiotics. We hope this first series will take care of it. C-diff has been known to be hard to treat. Remember praying constantly for Cassidy Allen back in the day? Turns out she still needs you...


  1. DANGIT!!! So sorry! Still praying! Love you guys!

  2. DANGIT!!! So sorry! Still praying! Love you guys!

  3. Hi, sorry to hear that your wee Cassidy is sick again. I am on here on behalf of my friend who has discovered this week that her 4 year old son has an inoperable ganglioglioma in his brain stem leading down to his c1 and c2. She has tried to log on here but is proving difficult (silly gmail won't let her log in).

    Her little boy has similar symptoms as your wee girl, but in a different location. This is all new and she is just trying to get her head around everything to do with this as it is so rare, and more so here in New Zealand.

    She was wondering if it was possible to make contact with you, she would really just love to talk it all through with another Mum who is dealing with similar things.

    Could you possibly email her on she really just needs to talk.

    Thanks, and praying for your wee girl that she will beat this infection quickly and improve vastly.


  4. You are a beautiful Mother, Ali! I can't even imagine all you are going through. What loving devotion and attention you consistently give your precious little one(s). We will continue to pray for Cassidy, you, and the family. You are doing a tremendous job! What a hard, hard thing to experience. You are amazing!!! Much love :)