Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Cuteness

Here's some of our activities of the last few days. She is so happy and doing great. She is enjoying "dress up" and there's been a lot of singing and dancing coming from her. As you can see, she also got herself and stroller into the empty tub the other night. I think she really misses the bath. It's hard not to be able to bathe her- due to the PICC. And let the records show that her hair color is different! The surgical scrub they used during surgeries has officially stained her beautiful blond. She's more of a strawberry blond now. I have washed her hair a few times and it's not helping. A bit annoying and a bit funny.
Our therapy sessions have all been really positive so far and she's making progress fast. She cracks us up because she's always willing to participate in the different therapy "games" but as soon as it gets too hard or tiring she just walks away. Our therapists are so good at improv and moving from one thing to another. Two-year-olds aren't known for long attention spans...
Overall things couldn't be better. MRI tomorrow morning.

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  1. Very cute pictures!! She looks so happy. A little tip... when you can shampoo her hair more, add some baking soda to the shampoo, it will help take out the stain. (I'm a hairdresser) Or you could buy a clarifing shampoo. Make sure you condition after.