Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cheeseburger Celebration!

This is Cassie yesterday receiving her last infusion of our favorite drug in the world, Nafcillin. It saved her life. She has been on it since her second surgery on Nov. 29- so 8 weeks. She received cocktails of other drugs along with it, but Nafcillin was our warrior drug. Now we are all ready to be done.

Its official! The PICC was pulled today. We are all thrilled-seriously.

She is still on the Keppra, the anti-seizure medication. So next up EEG and neurology visit in February to see if we can kick that one to the curb.

Things are fantastic. Cold symptoms gone, we are in a good place right now. FREEDOM!


  1. I just spit on my iPad laughing at her little ear sticking out of her hat. Such great news and Horray for a bit more sleep at night! She's our little fighter!

  2. Hey Allison,
    You sent me a text and I didn't repsond in time and now I can't find your number. Been thinking about you quite a bit. I have so many emotions reading this. You have been busy. It appears we are both in it for the long haul. Gage just had his follow up MRI and has to have surgery again. They believe the tumor was misdiagnosed, still benign, but faster growing than the one originally thought. Yuck, dreading it all.
    Cassie looks so great!! I.m so bummed to hear about her poor tummy issues, give the gril a break. You are in my prayers, she is a rockstar and will get through this one too. It will be miserable but you will get through it, as will I.
    Much love to you all.