Thursday, January 5, 2012

"My Little Buttercup has the Sweetest Smile"

Our little friend is doing great. Today we saw our infectious disease team docs and got a good report. Cassie's lab reports are looking good and her mood is fantastic. It was fun to show off her improvement- and let them see their knowledge and skill paying off. I thought they both lingered quite long in the exam room and just kinda happily stared at her. Cassie was not thrilled to be back. She was happy to see "Nemo" again (the fish display on the main level) and some of our favorite spots, but she got really upset after a while. Poor thing. She was very excited to exit the hospital and go "find the car."

We have an MRI scheduled for next Wednesday the 11th, and we are anxious for good findings. They will look at the remaining tumor, and the infection/inflammation of her brain. After that they should be able to tell us when she can stop the antibiotic and get the PICC line pulled. So that is our next big hurdle- we want a good looking MRI!

She is bopping all over the house and getting into things. I caught her heading down the hall with an uncapped marker in hand this afternoon- where does she find these?! She is teasing and silly and we are just loving it. Again, no feeling sorry for herself. I don't even think she recognizes the differences in her body. In a way her scars are good reminders to us of her battle and our journey. The word REMEMBER is very significant to me. There are several things that I want never to forget- and others that I hope will completely fade from my memory in time-things that are just too painful. Again, thank you for the love and support. It's touching that we are not forgotten.


  1. Whenever I feel worried I just go on your blog and look at Cassie's angelic face. She looks and acts so good, and that is balm to my nervous heart! Dad and I can hardly stay away. We are so happy with Cassie's recovery. It has been our family's personal trial and miracle--unbelievable, almost, and sometimes too sacred to share. We owe such thanks to Heavenly Father and to those skilled surgeons and nurses. May God continue to bless us all!

  2. Yes, Cassie DOES have the Sweetest Smile. It's so wonderful to see her at home, in her own clothes (those hospital gowns get old after awhile), walking and playing...I'm so happy for your family. Keep up the good work Cassie!