Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Therapy Days

Here are our PT and OT therapists Sunell and Shaunna. They have become our friends who we love so much. Cassie is still excited to see them each time they come. We are down to weekly visits now and they still come to the house. Cassidy has made incredible progress and they deserve a lot of the credit. They have been knowledgable and confident and positive and creative and energetic. We really appreciate all they have done and the part they have played in Cassie's amazing recovery.


  1. those ladies are awesome. and holy moment of silence that they have been able to come to your house each time instead of what the original plan was! can you imagine loading her up and hauling her all those times? this was SO MUCH BETTER for you and for Cass.

  2. Thanks for the update Ali, I've been wondering about that little cutie!