Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Cassie had another follow-up MRI this morning and has been sleeping ALL DAY- they decided on Nembutal to sedate this time because she seems to be building a bit of a resistance to the other sedation drugs and had to be given a second round last time. So the Nembutal worked instantly- always a bit unsettling how quickly she goes from awake to out cold- but it has taken forever to wear off. Thinking she and I might be pulling an all-nighter. Yikes.

We don't know how things look yet. We meet with Dr. Riva-Cambrin tomorrow for the results.

Today I was able to thank and hug the sweet nurse who was with us after the first MRI Nov. 17 when the tumor was discovered. She told us she would pray for us as we walked out the door months ago. She was our recovery nurse again today. It was a sweet full-circle moment. Another angel nurse was with us today who had been involved in a few of our sedations during our hospital stay. What special people we have come in contact with! God bless good nurses! I really feel a deeper sense of love for those around me- those I know well and others I hardly know at all.

An update on Cassie's overall health- SHE IS DOING FANTASTIC! We are so thrilled with her progress and apparently the C Diff has left. We are blessed.

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  1. we'll be anxious to hear about the results tomorrow. that does sound scary about how fast the meds can sedate a person. such a sweetie. we love her to pieces at this household.